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Review THOUSANDS of kosher domains, premium kosher domains, one-word and two.
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Premium domains make a BIG difference on search engines!
THOUSANDS of GREAT one-word domains for you.
QUALITY domain names, including premium brandables.
98 and 99 percent LESS THAN DOT-COM!     Who loves you?  

Brandable, and more.      Be creative!
Put YOUR Unique Stamp On Brandable Domains!
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Thus and so, premium kosher domains and one-word premium domains, at your service.

Stop underestimating what you're capable of. You have 1,440 minutes per day to show it.

Kosher Domains Premium Domain Name Group

.com's are gone. Got it?
- Pay huge, or be smart, pick ANOTHER tld: .work!
If you COULD have a one-word domain, what's the word?$21,393$888 soon to rise in price :-)$4,163$1,346,269
(Fibonacci, of course):

13 operating Websites, aging domains,
MANY top search results$375$700$500$777$1,200$265$1,800$1,350$700$2,250$1,293.87$1,600$21,250$900


Kosher Domains Premium Domain Name Group

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SEO bonus:With smooth transaction, we wish to bonus with buy of   It's a natural fit :-)

Doubling your search engine coverage? Whew!
FOR SURE until Apr 14$863$2,200
DELICIOUS bonus included
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Why so low?

Naturally, buying one gets you the other, our treat.
Let's see if we can otherwise help you with hosting, too:
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Health-Supplements.US$ 21
Aging nicely (a modest, helpful advantage in SEO)
until Apr 14, please feel free to take off another 22%$4,400$1,245$11,250$450$1,900 only until Apr 14$ 344.44444444$360$3,000$4,400$2,260$1,232$444.44
Brandable enough? :-)


Kosher Domains Premium Domain Name Group

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Only until Apr 14$88.88$1,884$3,600.18$179


Kosher Domains Premium Domain Name Group

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until Apr 14, take off another 40%$1,192$1,325$1,189


Kosher Domains Premium Domain Name Group

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Brandable, brandable!
- very brandable
One of the skinniest addresses in existence
Truly spectacular in its uniqueness
  Oh, for the right rapper!
Profoundly brandable name!

fair to think this can disappear in a moment
yet, take ANOTHER 20% off now $450
Ever wish to own a great two-character domain? :-)


Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!
Kosher Domains Are A Premium Approach To Branding YOUR Brandability

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While we intend to build
OptionGems, this is also very, truly
VERY brandable!
Yes, an EMINENTLY brandable domain!
Take another 32% off until Apr 14$1,000$58,500$55,000$1,105$720.36


Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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1-732-588-7639$1,061 !!$144$144$774$665.99$370 (!!)$76.76$475$555.56$318$1,160$777$1,000
Take another 30% off until Apr 14


Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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ANOTHER delicious example of .work
being better than the .com:
"Restored work!"  :-)

$ 400$300$300$55$444$1,100$257$254$254$254$253$252$250$250
This will ONLY be sold at this low price
to whom we feel will make righteous use of it,
Otherwise, the price is2,100
or both for 502.32$335$285 and a cup of cocoa (to go)$235


Kosher Food Beverage One-Word Domains For Sale
Brandable? Historical? Edifying? Pronounce It With One Word!

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Oh, to meet the right rapper!
$377$440.40$377$333$233$ 1,597$333.33$233$333$175$233$233$233$233$233$233$233$233$233$233$233$233$233


Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Seduce The World With Your One-Word Domain

Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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1-732-588-7639$233$767$267$1,357$340$570$550$350$233$770 until Apr 14$225
VERY aging domain,
and long-time, respected website


Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Planning to be online for the generation to come?

Think you might do better than using email?

A one-word identity?

What's YOUR one-word identity? ... It's better than .com!

1) MANY .com's owned & unused: gets YOU keyword advantage
2) Search engines treat one word with MORE respect than two.
3) .work is a statement as well as a domain: Say them aloud!

Prepare to view an astonishing list, no other like it exists, or likely will
Premium, hot, one-word domains, gTLD, delegated to the DNS Root Zone
Greedy people won't get served. Choose a word or three, leave for others.

Search engines treat .work same as .com & all generic Top-Level Domains
(Ask for "shortcuts that work every time." :-))

If investing a million or millions on the .com of YOU does not appeal,
here’s precious, and brief opportunity to grab one-word domains.
PLUS, many top .com's are not in use except as junk ad pages,
giving YOUR one-word domain a search-engine advantage.
It makes YOUR one-word domain more easily found.
One word is more important to search than .com!
NO ONE has thousands of one-word domains...
at a fraction the price you expect... for one word.

(PS: Plus, over 500 .com's, although few are quite as sweet as the .work domains).

Advertibles seeks to level the playing field... for YOU.
Three pr order limit, but for those buying 3, bonus is sweet.
Bonus is not enough reason to buy(!), it's just a reason to return.
Everyone needs online identity: personal, professional, etc. Get ONE word
.work is a statement as well as a domain, sweeter than most .com's.

PRIME ORDER was & is: Searching for one-word domains where the dot-com version sold for high amounts
and the decision that no price should exceed approxim. 1 or 2% of the .com version of one word. Full stop.
Grab YOUR one-word domain. What do you do? What do you offer?  Who are You?  One Word: 1 to 2%
Value is in having such global reach."   A precious opportunity for YOUR truck, wall, door, business cards, resumes...

What word fits YOU ...
personally, commercially, professionally, academically, musically...?

As you see, every hand-picked domain is worth 4 to 6 digits,
as we specifically seek one-word domains where .com sold big.

These incredible prices are for you, for now, for the holiday season.
(Starts with a few of our top treats, then thousands of goodies... yes, thousands!

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Now, less talking, more doing. Feast your heart on these, for tiny prices.

Many are expected to be auctioned from 2019 onwards.
Hundreds and hundreds on this page alone are treasures.
Alright, if you can absorb this, it's actually thousands.
Yes, this page alone contains thousands of one-word domains.
They're for sale, one to three per purchase, please, no greed.

98% of our domains will always be priced at 98% below either sales price or value of the .com.

Grab YOUR one word.
Tell BILLIONS who you are.          Who loves ya?

99% of our .work domains: 2% OR LESS of .com reported sale/value... or less!

Brandable, Historical, or Informative, Say It With One Word!

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Only until Apr 14!$1,372$1,597$209$144$77.77$201$385$3,400$1,205$565$189$233.33$26$1,600$888.88
This domain is worth a fortune. Go look up what sold for!
THIS price for is a gift to who would be or become intellectually sharper than before Mar 14
Fine, if you're too lazy to look it up: $20 short of... 250,000 dollars :-)$777.77 (!!)$3,200

True Institute of Domains Questions For YOU:

2) If you owned a one-word domain,what would the one word be?

If you're going to be online anway, gain advantage over millions of businesses!

That's about it for the sales pitch, since one word is one word is one word!
Simply say some of these domain names out loud. You'll get it.

Choose one or two, three's the limit per purchase, and be that rare person, with a one-word domain.    

Worth considering: Can a one-word domain, .work, be better than .com?
Search engines care about what's BEFORE the dot, not after. Build your niche with ONE brandable word, hm?

Kosher Domain For YOU
Most-Kosher Domainers and Uncommision of Domains | Healthiest Websites by Mr-Shortcut

As you see below, MANY sites with MANY premium one-word domains for YOU:

Stop and think about it: A one-word domain, better than .com!
Search engines treat all top-level domains - including .work,
precisely the same, hundreds of thousands of them.
Here are some of the sites sharing YOUR opportunities:

One-word domains are always at a premium, because, well, they're one word.
How many people do you know with a one-word domain?
Unless you pay big for a dot-com, this is your chance to own a great domain!
ONE word on your business card, or vehicles, glass windows, doors... websites.
So rare in an era of greed, Advertibles continues to make it affordable for YOU.

One word, with a tld extension, .work, often better than most any .com,
because it's available for you to use immediately, at 1 or 2% the price.

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to purchase one to three of your favorite of these premium kosher domains,
including deliciously brandable one-word domains, yearning to be premium.

Thus and so, premium kosher domains and one-word premium domains, at your service.

Most all these discounts on one-word domains are good until Apr 14 2019

Please don't ask if you can buy more than 3 per purchase, not at any price.

If financial profit were our prime motivator,
these prices would instantly multiply.
As we put more of them atop search engines,
it's fair to expect the prices to rise.
FIRST, however, let us even it up:
Get YOUR one-word domain here,
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One-word domains rock, hm?

Many of these domains would be 8 to 11x the asking price,
ESPECIALLY the one-word domains where the dot-com sold high.
We're here to help level the playing field: YOURS.

Obviously, .com is king, always has been, and of course is likely to remain that way for years to come,
and price shows. . . That's where .work comes in. In many circumstances, .work is better than .com. No maybe's.

When the dot-com version of a word is not used for its keyword purpose beyond a landing page with semi-related ads,
it means that ANY OTHER domain of that same keyword has MORE of a search engine advantage than even the dot-com!
You can disagree all day, yet, ask Bing for "shortcuts that work every time," see what's in the #1 position. Actions speak.

If competitors cannot afford to take the field,
the competition has won before the game begins.

Jackadaws. They're everywhere, so beware.

One-word domains for everyone: .work domain for 1/50th the price of a dotcom.
Actually, that's the highest conceivable price we see thus far.
Nearly all are 1/100th the price of the dot-com...

Point That Was Driven Home Forcefully, Effectively

Harriet Tubman was literally owned by a human being,
from multiple generations in a row owned by others.
She lived to be free, yet went back to save others.
"I'll give every drop of my blood to get them out."

Her actions were louder than her words. Are yours?
Not a query to feel defensive about, it's just us.

Some serve to live, some live to serve, true?
When we serve only our own interests, uh-oh:
Newton's Third Law Of Physics comes along.
There's terrifically good reason WHY
that principle truth is capitalized.

Bottom line of all bottom lines:
The more we give, Grasshopper,
the more we get back. :-)

Brandable Domains - Fascinating One-Word Domains Of Our Genius Invention, lol
with 80% of the credit going to the great and inspirational teachers of our generation. Thank YOU!

Brandable domains, one-word domains, .com, .work...
the richest variety of one-word domains online...

AFFORDABLE one-word domains and brandable domains, that is.

Call 1-Realtur Next

One-word domains say it best of all, loudest too,
since search engines LOVE one-word domains.

Notify the world who you are, what you offer, in one word,
with your very own sweet, brandable, one-word domain.

There's something sharp about people planning in advance.

Whatever and whoever you are and do with your life and you time,
probability is fairly good you'll be doing it for life.
Naturally, if that changes, so can your own word.
Before such a day, though, the word is yours.
MAKE IT yours, at a website that matches.
One word matching what you solicit,
or teach, or focus on sharing.
If you can count thousands of days behind you,
what could possibly make you think it'll slow down?

We're clearly meant to move at the speed of life, so act today!

Even if only the action of writing out your biggest goals,
"less talking and more doing" is a master secret of the universe.

What you know comes in a distant second to what you do with what you know.

Everyone seems to talk a good game. 3 to 7 of every 100 speak less and do more.

In a myriad of life's circumstances, one word sums a situation up.
Consider the one word that YOU feel is summary of your offerings.
Become that, with repetition, and see how it becomes you, too.
"Act the way you want to be, and you become that way you act."

One-Word Domains Feast Of Premium One-Word Domains

If indeed the Path of Greater Domains is fairly counted among the world's healthiest websites,
that gives you identifiable opportunity to line up more of your ducks and get more of them to work.
We can agree that we learn more, we tend to earn more, in this case pertaining to living and healing naturally.
The Path of Greater Domains pursues just that: living and healing naturally to fulfill a simple, powerful formula:
learning more in order to be earning more which leads to living more, a powerful inducement to giving more.
Learn more, earn more, live more, and give more.   No rocket science whatsoever. Just power.
The Path of Greater Domains in order to learn more, live more and give more.

A goal of the Path of Greater Domains is for you to find the healthiest shortcuts and health tips of longevity,
in order to for you to live healthier and wealthier, live happier and more fulfilled with these healthier tips.
The Path of Greater Domains is a big portion of the largest and most empowering Psychology of Shortcuts.

The Path of Greater Domains is self-explanatory, embracing the best information on health and longevity,
sharing the methods and secrets of long-lived people. Good health is augmented by good information.
The more we learn, the stronger, the longer we tend to live. You deserve to live longer.

Embracing the Path of Greater Domains means working WITH your doctor so you can fire your doctor.
All one hundred-plus of the Path of Greater Domains websites, filled with great health tips,
and all of these "healthiest websites" pertaining to health and longevity,
have each been designed and created by the Godfather of Shortcuts,
also known as the Godfather of EyeCandy for his artistic flair.

The idea at each site is for you to live stronger for longer, using the best and greatest shortcuts of role models,
the same shortcuts used by leaders, masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires. and long-lived people.
Learn more in order to live more.   You'll certainly benefit from the shortcuts,
the so-called secrets, and even the EyeCandy here at the Path of Greater Domains,
and the most empowering website on the internet, the True Institute of Domains.
With much love,

Let's feed those who are hungrier than you by giving, at no cost to you.
Doubly so when we consider Paul Newman, investing a quarter of a century of his life earning over one hundred and twenty-five million dollars
so he could feed starving people around the world. You can do it FREE.
Clicking this button and the same button that appears on next page will cause corporate sponsors to give a cup of food to starving people. SAVE A LIFE WITH FREE CLICKS!
Corporate sponsors donate 1.1 cups of staple food for our free clicks.
  When you click this food button and the one that pops open you literally save a human life... at no charge to you.

Inspiring, attention-getting one-word domains
One word, plus .work?
Fawgeddabouddit, there's no way to forget it!

Imagine any of these premium domains as being YOUR domain name ... A F F O R D A B L Y!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and thousands more. last sold for at least forty-nine MILLION dollars. Is this rational? It doesn't help real people.
You offer vacation rentals? We offer, as a bonus when buying
For us, that's a million-dollar bonus. Having TWO? We know magnificent methods for doubling elsewise.

Smooth transactions with good, hungry people tend to multiply the secrets and shortcuts we share.
Greedy grubbers get short shrift. Sincerely hungry stars-in-training get more.

It's obvious that current European and American trends, Australia and New Zealand, too,
have leant more and more towards the entitled and the offended over recent decades.
While it's not commonly acknowledged to be a result of degraded self-reflection,
you can be sure that being heavily offended is a way to avoid self-scrutiny.

If we're busy throwing darts at other people, no need to look at our performance, right?
It's one of humankind's oldest tricks of deflection, representing poverty of parenting skill.
If your parents didn't teach you to EMBRACE your errors as a direct shortcut to improvements,
you can start catching up on your self-development in this very minute identifying your weakest point.
An overweaning majority of all super-achievers rose to their heights by reversing their greatest weakness.

With billions of humans for you to contact,
of course you can choose a second word, too.

The point is for you to first focus fully on your first word,
make it yours, and add hundreds of informative, related sentences.

Help the world best a path to YOUR door, with a one-word domain that rocks it.

Enjoy perusing these great names at the one-word domain name capital of the internet, with affordable one-word domains.
Considering the breadth, range, and depth of subjects approached with these premium names, there's one for you here.

Naturally, no one's likely to know better than YOU which one word fits best.
Thus, be mindful of the core k.i.s.s. of Success: Keep it simple:
What word describes YOU?

Premium domain names have been, for the most part - far beyond that first decade of internet super-growth,
near-exclusive province of the affluent, and the enterprising folks with less wealth, who borrowed and strived.

Considering the internet is intended to be a place to even out the proverbial playing field, that's plain wrong.
Unlike pawns in a chess game, we get to determine the steps that counter meretricious levels of mere greed.
To that end, Advertibles is a determination to propagate premium domains, particularly one-word domains.

Premium Domains - Kosher and One-Word and Others Dot NOT Require .com!
Achieve this through, for starters, promulgation of .work domains, which are ALSO gTLD's (generic top-level domains).
Fully delegated to DNS root zone circa 2014, .work domains were used by spammers, so Google, et alia banned them.
These past several years, multiple search engines, most in fact, are giving .work domains a fair chance to rank again.
Ergo, building legitimate websites for these .work domains, Advertibles helps remediate .work reputation every day.

Here are some of the sites sharing YOUR opportunities:
Move as quickly as comfortable, they shall vanish!
Each page has at least a thousand domains!

Yes, even more premium kosher brandable domains,
and rich myriads of one-word domains that qualify as premium domain names, too.
Many names overlap on different lists, ascertained via demonstration to currently be
a pragmatically workable solution for not having too many thousands on one page, lol.
Light the lamp to YOUR hallways. Advertibles aims to light one way to better advertising.

One-word domains are always at a premium, because, well, they're one word.

Being unique in a world becoming more agglomerized with each passing day?
That's no small task, so, Advertibles seeks to make that easier for you.
One word, with a tld extension, .work, often better than most any .com.

Meta tags for optimizing what CAN be optimized, in a changing world of optimizations :-)

Since kosher domains rock the internet as joyously as any other, these premium kosher .com and .work domains are here for YOU to establish your brand, staking your claim to a corner of the internet people will ALWAYS associate with you. That association is created by your engagement of a single word.

When people see the one word on your business card, they will remember FOREVER how to reach you.

Kosher Domains, specifically premium kosher domains for sale. Owning a premium domain name does NOT require paying premium prices.
Researching and carefully selecting thousands of domains, the primary focus was, naturally, on identifying the best of the best in the industry.
Since the word "premium" is banded about in the world of domaining (a/k/a domainizing), defining what constitutes a premium domain was a task.
One-Word Domains Pure Kosher - Cheaper, Perhaps Cheapest Advertising To Billions Of Prospective Customers and Clients
Because it's still early day in the growth of the internet, premium kosher domains are worth that much more of a premium. Yet, Advertibles continues to keep the price affordable, for YOU.

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Premium kosher domains make the difference!
Let the True Institute of Domains help you to help yourself.
Designed and created with enormous affection for your untapped potential.
Filled with Shapelinks and EyeCandy to seduce your interest by The Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

These are the best shorcuts and shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy. The True Institute of Domains and the Path of Greater Domains,
along with more than a thousand additional Masters and Millionaires websites,
all by the hands of your Godfather of EyeCandy, the prolific MisterShortcut,
are all free for your life because you are a giant in the making.
Shape the True Institute of Domains to fit your own life.

Premium kosher domains are the specialty of Advertibles, LCC. is an anchor website for this endeavor.
Premium kosher domains may not be the most expensive one-word domains, they ARE, however, premium kosher domains.

The True Institute of Domains invites you to look and cogitate first. Naturally, time matters. Still, don't rush.
Take your time considering WHAT you wish to be known for, and then choose domain names accordingly.

The objective is less to make a sale for the sake of a sale than it is to get real people using real premium kosher domains.