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The choices are vast, almost uncountable!
THOUSANDS of GREAT one-word domains for you.
QUALITY domain names, including premium brandables.
98 and 99 percent LESS THAN DOT-COM!     Who loves you?  

Brandable, and more.      Be creative!
Put YOUR Unique Stamp On Brandable Domains!
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Thus and so, premium kosher domains and one-word premium domains, at your service.

Kosher Domain For YOU!  Among the most incredible sites online:
Where else do YOU think you can buy one-word top-level domains?
If you don’t have huge money to buy one-word domains, smile, please.

Kosher domains now being sold, nearly all are ONE-WORD gTLD’s.

gTLD’s means “generic Top Level Domain,” reachable by every nation.
Where thousands of vanity domains seem unloved by search engines,

.work domain is a full gTLD: Google gives it identical respect as .com

Welcome to the first website dedicated to evening up the playing field,

First, a condensed version of our kosher domains approach cornerstones

What you now read is not being done anywhere else in the world.
RE: Kosher domains & who else is selling premium kosher domains,
let alone in such quantities, for just $613 ?! It’s, it’s… purely kosher!


1)In 2018, everyone needs an internet identity.  It’s how we keep up.

2)Most everyone loves a one-word domain, but cost far too much, hm?

3)By changing greed factor, we can make kosher domains affordable.

4)Unless otherwise marked, a kosher domain here is yours at $613

5)Or, you can rent a domain for just $199 pr yr. 4th yr? It’s yours

6)Either way, each kosher domain comes w/ 1 yr of hosting

7)  These domains are statements as well as domain names.

8) By sharing at least 1/3rd w/ starving kids, we all win

9) Buy 2 DURING sale, get a 3rd kosher domain!

10)  href="

Kosher Domains To Double Your Audience Again & Again & Again

Fact is, our community has been slow to adopt the internet.

That’s mostly because of what’s NOT kosher on the internet.

B”H, we have filters, and, more than that, people like us online J

We understand the needs of the community, and can provide nicely.

Plus, being internet-savvy + enthusiastic sellers of domains? Bonus.

Kosher domains take away 100% of concerns regarding what’s tznius.

Kosher domains allow you to tell the world what you offer, at what price.

Kosher domains that are available elsewhere, at competitive retail prices

At, you can purchase any domain you see for $613.

Naturally that does not refer to domains with higher (or lower) prices J

More than 16 months of surveying, asking many hundreds of friends and associates.

While many of course have kosher domains already, and websites with some info,

there’re a few things to be fully aware of regarding building businesses online.

The name of the domain can DEFINITELY make a big difference to search engines

You can have the greatest name for a kosher domain, it’s not enough.


Your front page?  2,000 to 20,000 words.

You see, when you write 800 sentences

describing your products and services,

it means you’re serious about all this.

Search engines prioritize such sites.

It’s a master secret of the internet.

Think that might be exaggeration?

Search for phrases w ‘shortcuts’.

For ex: “QRA testing shortcuts,”

or even “greatest shortcuts” !!

Not just IN the top 10, BH,

no, ALL 10 of the top 10,

in phrases typed often.

This next month, June?

Kosher domains is up.

Before the 4th of July,

we anticipate this,

and other sites,

to enjoy that,



and other kosher domains, too.

Not merely IN the ‘Top 10’ rankings,

instead enjoying hyperdominant positions.

Plus, fair to expect it at thousands of search engines

All to help empower the kosher community to embrace kosher domains!

Realize that ‘kosher domains’ means not being concerned about b’g tznius.

Consider that having kosher domains means any decently-built site attracts eyes.

Where your physical location requires feet in the door,
internet requires us to attract eyes, millions or more

Kosher Domains - Physical locations (domains) and Online locations

Kindly note that the headliner a/k/a header above this sentence does NOT say

“Kosher Domains - Physical locations (domains) VERSUS Online locations,” right?

That concept has often been a reason for our being chary of building kosher domains.

The idea has been, for 20+ years, “I have so many dollars for advertising, we can’t do both.”

By 2008, however, Google made it clear that EVERYONE has an evening playing field going in.

That means no visitor can know just from looking whether you’re a piker or a globally giant success.

WHOAH!  Did you catch the profit in that last statement, the power to MULTIPLY your ad dollars?

There is no “kosher domains versus physical location only” scenario here, it makes no sense,

because the cost of running kosher domains is a FRACTION OF A FRACTION as much.

Kosher Domains Do Not Compete For Advertising Dollars!!

1)They complement.  Unlike print ads, which are restricted to one page, you can have 1,000 pages,
each one detailing as many products and services as you may wish, with remarkably few limits.

2) The cost is sooOOOOOoo much lower, literally 99% lower… while reaching far more people.

FAR more people

Investing in your own kosher domains means buying virtual property for a fraction of retail price.

You can see from visiting,, etc

A)    The only dollars coming out of your pocket that turn a profit and provide sustained parnassah,

no matter who you are or what your business is…. are advertising dollars.  You know this?

Every other dollar is an expense: Rent, phones, secretaries, water coolers, electricity…

all of these are expenses.  The one and only investment, one and only profit-maker,

is found in advertising.

In fact, as you know, you cannot make a dime WITHOUT advertising, in any country!!

If you don’t tell people that you’re in business, how in the world can they buy from you?

If you don’t put up a sign, who’ll know that you’re offering to rent, lease, or sell to people?

A sign? That’s advertising.      Telling your neighbor you opened a store?  That’s advertising.

Kosher domains are heating up.

True enough.  We can see it in searching “Previous Sales” sites versus “Recent Sales.”

As more and more people realize that there are millions of us who are spending anyway,

it will naturally cost more in the coming years. For now, however, opportunity comes along.

The arena of kosher domains is in fact heating up, & solicits your interest.

Kosher Domains: Our cornerstones:

1) There are BILLIONS of people now on the internet, and billions more will be getting online.

2)Kosher domains allow you to give access to your products/services to billions of people

3)By following just a few truly simple rules, you can attract customers around the world

4)We’re able to control greed impulses, charging up to 90% less for kosher domains.

Most of our kosher domains, approximately 90%, actually, have just one price for YOU.

Yes, we’re fully cognizant that domains get valued individually, and we know our values.

We’re simply committed to making it easier, more affordable, more accessible to ‘us’ all.


Unless it’s marked otherwise, you can purchase any domain on this page for just $613.

In addition, send us your last 20 or 30 ads, whether they’re tiny, or full-page ads.

We assign your customized domain to a web hosting account, and then upload.

Yep.  We’ll upload 1 or 2 or 10 or 20 or 30-plus of your most recent adverts!

We’ll also ensure the site stays up for more than 8,000 hours (a full year)

After a year, you can continue hosting with us at $199 pr yr, or elsewhere.

What hopefully pleases you a great deal is that the customized domain will be yours.


Yep.  We who deal in domain sales have two basic choices in acquiring and keeping domains.

(Yes, applies to kosher domains and all other domains, lol):  First is REGISTER a domain.

Second is buying from an individual or organization who already owns the domain we want.

Whether we register it from registrars that sell domains, or buy it through a web hosting company,

whether we win an auction somewhere or do a purchasing deal with a private owner of a domain,

one feature always seems to remain unchanged: The registrar will want their 10 or 20 bucks per year.

GoDaddy only charges $10 to renew .work domains so, once it’s owned, no big bills to worry over.

When buying your kosher domains here for just $613 (or any other price, for that matter), buy means buy.

On the internet, your kosher domains can make a social difference
while generating either profit or interest or whatever you are aiming at.
You can think small, or large, modestly, selfishly, quietly, outrageiously ...
The most important point is that you convert your local ads into global ads.
The two thousand per issue on a magazine is what you convert into 24-hr ads.
The difference between asking thousands to buy, and asking millions to buy?
Ask more people, and ask people more.

 2,000 to, yes, twenty thousands words about your subject.
No kidding,

Naturally, they need to be relevant to your keyphrases, and useful to the viewer

Kosher domains can obviously help you promote your kosher services and products

Kosher Domains Broker


EVERYONE needs an online identity.

Kosher identity, commerce or academic identity,
personal identity, we have THOUSANDS of domains

Kosher domains or one-word domains,
Thousands of choices to pick from,
99% are less than 1% of the .com

If you're going to be online for years to come,
get a head start, a big leap on a billion others.

Choose one or two, three's the limit per purchase,
and be that rare person, with a one-word domain.

Stop and think about it: A one-word domain, better than .com!
Here are some of the sites sharing YOUR premium kosher domain opportunities:

More and yet more premium kosher brandable domains,
and rich myriads of one-word domains that qualify as premium domain names, too.

One-word domains are always at a premium, because, well, they're one word.

Being unique in a world becoming more agglomerized with each passing day?
That's no small task, so, Advertibles seeks to make that easier for you.
One word, with a tld extension, .work, often better than most any .com.

Call 1-Realtur Next
to purchase one to three of your favorite of these premium kosher domains,
including deliciously brandable one-word domains, yearning to be premium.

Thus and so, premium kosher domains and one-word premium domains, at your service.